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Motorcycles - Tips to maintain two-wheeler for long rides

Published on August 1, 2022
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If you are an adventurer at heart, you may like to go on long rides on your two-wheeler. As you need to plan for your long trip, you need to plan the maintenance of your two-wheeler as well.
Before you embark on a long ride and hit the highway on your two-wheeler, you need to prepare your bike.
I am sharing here the tips to maintain your two-wheeler for long rides.
1. Proper tyre pressure: If you intend to go for a long ride, it is essential to check the tyre pressure. On the swing arm of your bike, you will find a sticker on which the ideal pressure in front and rear tyres is mentioned. So you must ensure that you fill the air in the tyre and maintain that perfect tyre pressure. You can either check by kicking the tyre or by pressing it. If there is air in it, it will be bouncy.
If there is less air, it will be pressed inside. Always fill the air in tyre when it is cold, and not after driving it for long.
Air molecules expand when they heat up and tyre pressure increases, and you will not get to know the actual tyre pressure. So you must fill the air after riding for 1 or 2 kilometers because by that time tyre remains cold.
1. Check engine oil level: If you are driving a bike and your engine ceases, you can fall badly.
With time the engine oil level drops, increasing the chances of the engine seizing while driving. If engine oil does not reach up to the upper level, the engine parts will not get lubricated, and it will start to cause friction in the engine. So it will interrupt the engine functioning, and there are more chances of wear and tear.
The correct way to check engine oil is to leave the bike on for some time, put it on the main stand and then check the engine oil. Clean it with a cloth and put a dipstick inside. There is a maximum level and minimum level on the dipstick, which tells about the status of engine oil. If it is less, you must put engine oil before going for a long ride. If you don’t want to risk doing it yourself, you can take your bike to VOC bike services in Bangalore, as it is the best bike service in Bangalore.
1. Brake oil level check, front, rear, and radiator: Bikes that have the disc in it, in such bikes brake oil is essential. Pressure builds with brake oil, which helps the brake plates to hold the disc. On average, you should change the brake oil in 1 to 2 years.
2. Oil drainage screw check: We drain engine oil from below. If the screw from where we drain the oil is not tight, then the oil starts leaking sometime after parking the bike. It makes engine oil levels go down, which is a dangerous thing. So one must ensure that the screw of the oil drainage is tightly closed.
3. Chain sprocket check: On average, the chain of any bike goes for around 15000 kilometers, but if you maintain it properly, its life increases. It should be neither too tight nor loose. Also, it is essential to lubricate the chain properly. It will reduce friction as well as noise.
4. Wire check: If your bike is advanced, you will observe many wires in it. So you must check them.
If you want to go for a long ride, the best thing is to take it to a service center. VOC is the best bike service center in Bangalore. You can take your bike to a VOC center, get everything checked, and enjoy a smooth ride.
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