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Someone has created a Minecraft version of Wordle and Wordle, which is an astounding achievement when you think about it. Wordle has been an integral part of many people's mornings over the past year, so it's only natural to try to build it in Minecraft. The amount of work that has gone into programming something like this it is amazing.

Reddit user, urgle_gurgle, an impressive name has not just created a working Wordle in Minecraft but also explained how it was made and uploaded it to Curseforge. You can download it and have a go at it yourself.

While we see a lot of amazing Minecraft creations however, the talent and knowledge required to pull off this one stands out. Urgle_gurgle explains how they implemented word checking by using "a number of maths to assign all words to an uniqe number (in base26) and this will be stored in an execute if score command with Python scripts".

Another challenge is the requirement for daily words. While the concept is easy to grasp, it's not as easy for a computer, and especially one that isn't required to sync with an hourly timezone. Redditor has found a way to do it, much like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. They managed to get it all working by introducing a new word that you can use whenever you play the game.

I made a fully functional wordle using vanilla minecraft! From Minecraft

Even if you don’t know how to code, it can be difficult to comprehend. However, we appreciate it. You could theoretically join in and play Wordle for as many times as you want, and this Minecraft build could be more fun than the actual Wordle.


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