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Hey! This program was made to avoid having to put in Java when you've already gotten it bundled with Minecraft. This program was made using Autohotkey and was designed for Windows 10. This will or may not work on newer or older Windows variations. Minecraft Plugins

Have fun! - Gyfen


1. Right-click on a .jar file.

2. Hover over "Open with".

3. Click on on "Choose another app".

4. Tick the field saying "All the time use this app to open .jar recordsdata".

5. Click on "More apps".

6. Scroll to the bottom of the list.

7. Click on on "Look for one more app on this Computer".

8. Now browse to the situation where you installed this script. By default it is named "MinecraftJarInstaller.exe".

9. Minecraft Plugins Choose it and click on "Open" (or double-click on the file).

10. Now you may get an error saying "You have to set this program as default." Ignore it and click on okay.

11. Now open any .jar file from inside file explorer and it ought to work.


The default path for the Java executable bundled with minecraft is "C:\Program Information (x86)\Minecraft Launcher\runtime\java-runtime-alpha\home windows-x64\java-runtime-alpha\bin\java.exe".

Your Java executable could also be situated somewhere else, if you probably did a custom set up. In that case you would need to seek out and enter the correct path.

Do the next:

1. Browse to the situation where you put in this script. By default it's named "MinecraftJarInstaller.exe".

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